Tuesday, May 15, 2012

Looks Like Light at the End of the Tunnel !!

Graduation was over a week ago and I have most of the loose ends of the semester behind me. Our administrative assistant, or I should say our spectacular administrative assistant, has just touched down in Rome for two weeks, and my voice mail had a glorious message stating that "court for next week had been cancelled and you are NOT required to report for jury duty"!!!

I'm thinking I better run get a lottery ticket before this buona fortuna washes away !!

I always look forward to spring, ending the semester,  starting my gardening, and getting time for myself in the studio. I began last week by unpacking about six cartons of work that had been patiently waiting for attention. Suddenly I feel like I can take a breath and focus on me and my work. I'm letting communication devices dictate less of my time, and I am scheduled to attend the Sixth International Encaustic Conference in Provincetown at the beginning of June. I look forward to seeing good friends there from across the country, networking and making new acquaintances, enjoying good food, and in general, soaking up the energy that will be flowing that week.

I have several shows lined up for later this year, and fortunately most of the work is completed. So that means I can work on new projects and ideas I've been contemplating for a while. I have a bit more cleaning and arranging to do in the studio, but I plan to devote a good bit of time to developing those new ideas, and once resolved, I'll post some examples. In the mean time and for the next few months, I plan to post work that  in some way or another has not had much exposure. With so many gallery closings, exhibition venues struggling with budget cuts and the variations that come with summer schedules, I'll be using Studio RSVP as a way to present mini-exhibitions. Some will be my work and some posts will include whatever I find that interests me in the process. I hope it will interest you too. Come visit occasionally and let's see what turns up over the summer !!

Afternoon sun on my porch where I plan to spend time reading and ruminating.

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