Friday, June 15, 2012

I'm Back in the Saddle Again....out where a friend is a friend.....

Made famous by Gene Autry in the 1940's, and later rewritten, updated and energized by Aerosmith, Back in the Saddle, is a good metaphor for getting back into the studio. So in this post I'm sharing a few new pieces recently completed and slated for one or more of several exhibits I have scheduled for the fall and winter. I hope you're being productive, either gathering new ideas or applying them in your studio. 

Venetian Lace, traces, and terra ignota, are three series of work with recent examples shown below.

Venetian Lace developed when I began experimenting with various color combinations and tree resin. Early results immediately reminded me of the beautifully textured and colorfully weathered walls of Venice Italy.  Further exploration of the process rendered rich textures and patterns that were pleasantly reminiscent of my Italian travels when I was teaching in the summers from 1999 to 2008. This technique reveals the luminous layers and play of lacework in the series. 

Venetian Lace.21 © 2012 size: 33 X 12"
encaustic wax, pigment, resin on panel

trace, is a theme I have used for many years with 
emphasis on memory as related to record, trace elements, or the vestige of some past activity. The non-objective abstractions in this group incorporate naturally occurring marks and patterns made from iron oxidation, better known as rust, and include burn marks, extraneous marks and monotypes. As the patterns and layers develop, some elements become obscured in the hazy film of the wax, as others become more evident and appear to float or come forward in the luminous properties of the material. 

trace.103 © 2012 size: 22 X 19"
encaustic wax, ink, iron oxidation, resin on panel

Most recent is the terra ignota series. Loosely translated as uncharted territory or unknown land, I felt the term fitting for work that seems to be taking a new direction...into the unknown.

terra ignota.03 © 2012 size: 12 X 24"
wax, pigment, resin, ink, rice paper on panel

terra ignota.02 © 2012 size: 20 X 24"

encaustic wax, iron oxidation, graphite, resin, pigment on panel

terra ignota.01 © 2012 size: 22 X 19"
ncaustic wax, iron oxidation, graphite, resin, pigment on panel