Friday, March 16, 2012

Skulpturenpark Waldfrieden, Cragg Foundation

I mentioned in the previous post that artist Tony Cragg lives in Wuppertal, Germany where he has established the Skulpturenpark Waldfrieden, loosely translating as peace walk sculpture park. With the atmosphere of a Hansel and Gretel forest, the heavily wooded trails and walking paths cover hills and valleys of an area that is twelve hectare or about thirty acres in size. In 2006 Cragg acquired the property that included the architecturally designed home of a former lacquer manufacturer associated with DuPont, an industry that continues to be successful in Wuppertal and specializing in aqua coatings for the automotive industry. Cragg renovated the house to use for events such as symposia, built an entrance office to the park, and constructed a cafe and restaurant with indoor and outdoor seating. Also in the park is a magnificent glass cube gallery that is heated and maintains numerous works for viewing. 

The afternoon of our visit, Bodo and I had the park mostly to ourselves. It was quite cold, but we had dressed for the weather so it was a pleasant experience. I can imagine a spring or summer visit that might include a stop at the cafe would be even more enjoyable. If you have plans to be near Dusseldorf, a side trip to Wuppertal and the Skulpturenpark Waldfrieden is worth your while.

Tony Cragg stone sculpture located at the entrance of the winding driveway into the park.

Bronze Cragg sculpture foreground and the building entrance to the park.

Marvelous heated glass cube gallery for exhibiting sculptures indoors.

Inside the glass cube, Cragg works in foreground and in back. I believe the red one is wood
and stainless in rear.

Additional Cragg works  in the glass gallery. Various materials include bronze, stone, steel,
stainless steel,  and jesmonite seen in this foreground work.

This view gives a good example of the forest in relation to the works.

Some works are installed on concrete pads while others are based in-ground with
gravel and bark for a more integrated system.

Many of Cragg's forms echo similar molten layering but there are strong contrasts in materials
and surfaces. I was told that Cragg has maintenance to clean the sculptures every day which
is evident in this brilliant stainless work.

This is a striking work that shows the integration with nature and the gravel walking paths.

Next post, Jane's exhibit Wachsspuren opens at Galerie KUNSTKOMPLEX.

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