Sunday, March 25, 2012

Wachsspuren Opens at Galerie Kunstkomplex !!

Wachsspuren, or Spuren aus Wachs translated as Wax Traces,  is an exhibition of my work in encaustic hot wax that opened at Galerie Kunstkomplex in Wuppertal, Germany on March 8th. I was very pleased to receive the invitation to exhibit in Nicole Bardohl's gallery located in the heart of the city near other galleries and museums. 

Galerie KUNSTKOMPLEX in Wuppertal, Germany, street view and entrance.

The Galerie has a strong presence in Wuppertal with a following of artists, philosophers, critics, writers and actors from the region extending to Dusseldorf. The Galerie showcases solo and group exhibitions along with art performances, presentations and interdisciplinary events. 

Inside Galerie KUNSTKOMPLEX, views of the installation.

My exhibition included works from both my image-based and abstract
of work that is inspired by memory and past experience.

Shot of me checking out the installation.

Above and below several examples of the abstract works.

Below are several examples of figuration works in the exhibit beginning with adjustment, 10.5 X 14", encaustic wax, graphite and digital print on panel.

 atonement – 11 X 9", encaustic wax, digital print, oil, toner transfer on panel.

seared impressions.03 – 11 X 9", encaustic wax, digital print, burn on panel.

seared impression.04 – 11 X 9", encaustic wax, image transfer, oil, graphite
and burn on panel

Here are several abstract works in the exhibit including trace.107 that was purchased by Sparkasse Bank for their permanent collection. I am most pleased to be included in their collection as they are highly supportive of the arts through sponsorships of special events and exhibitions along with an impressive permanent colllection of contemporary art that is installed throughout their major locations including the tower complex in Wuppertal.

trace.107 – 10 X 10", encaustic wax, paper, staples – Purchased !

Shots above and below during the Vernissage that was held March 8th.

The evening of the venissage the Wuppertal newspaper sent a photographer and reporter. The Galerie and I were very pleased at getting a rather detail report in the weekend papers.

Link for the online article Wuppertal News


  1. I'm so happy I justed learned of your blog. BIG congrats on your show in Germany, it looks lovely and like it's quite a success. All my best.

    1. Thanks Lynette! It has been a great experience and I am enjoying sharing it through the blog.