Sunday, March 25, 2012

Wachsspuren Opens at Galerie Kunstkomplex !!

Wachsspuren, or Spuren aus Wachs translated as Wax Traces,  is an exhibition of my work in encaustic hot wax that opened at Galerie Kunstkomplex in Wuppertal, Germany on March 8th. I was very pleased to receive the invitation to exhibit in Nicole Bardohl's gallery located in the heart of the city near other galleries and museums. 

Galerie KUNSTKOMPLEX in Wuppertal, Germany, street view and entrance.

The Galerie has a strong presence in Wuppertal with a following of artists, philosophers, critics, writers and actors from the region extending to Dusseldorf. The Galerie showcases solo and group exhibitions along with art performances, presentations and interdisciplinary events. 

Inside Galerie KUNSTKOMPLEX, views of the installation.

My exhibition included works from both my image-based and abstract
of work that is inspired by memory and past experience.

Shot of me checking out the installation.

Above and below several examples of the abstract works.

Below are several examples of figuration works in the exhibit beginning with adjustment, 10.5 X 14", encaustic wax, graphite and digital print on panel.

 atonement – 11 X 9", encaustic wax, digital print, oil, toner transfer on panel.

seared impressions.03 – 11 X 9", encaustic wax, digital print, burn on panel.

seared impression.04 – 11 X 9", encaustic wax, image transfer, oil, graphite
and burn on panel

Here are several abstract works in the exhibit including trace.107 that was purchased by Sparkasse Bank for their permanent collection. I am most pleased to be included in their collection as they are highly supportive of the arts through sponsorships of special events and exhibitions along with an impressive permanent colllection of contemporary art that is installed throughout their major locations including the tower complex in Wuppertal.

trace.107 – 10 X 10", encaustic wax, paper, staples – Purchased !

Shots above and below during the Vernissage that was held March 8th.

The evening of the venissage the Wuppertal newspaper sent a photographer and reporter. The Galerie and I were very pleased at getting a rather detail report in the weekend papers.

Link for the online article Wuppertal News

Friday, March 16, 2012

Skulpturenpark Waldfrieden, Cragg Foundation

I mentioned in the previous post that artist Tony Cragg lives in Wuppertal, Germany where he has established the Skulpturenpark Waldfrieden, loosely translating as peace walk sculpture park. With the atmosphere of a Hansel and Gretel forest, the heavily wooded trails and walking paths cover hills and valleys of an area that is twelve hectare or about thirty acres in size. In 2006 Cragg acquired the property that included the architecturally designed home of a former lacquer manufacturer associated with DuPont, an industry that continues to be successful in Wuppertal and specializing in aqua coatings for the automotive industry. Cragg renovated the house to use for events such as symposia, built an entrance office to the park, and constructed a cafe and restaurant with indoor and outdoor seating. Also in the park is a magnificent glass cube gallery that is heated and maintains numerous works for viewing. 

The afternoon of our visit, Bodo and I had the park mostly to ourselves. It was quite cold, but we had dressed for the weather so it was a pleasant experience. I can imagine a spring or summer visit that might include a stop at the cafe would be even more enjoyable. If you have plans to be near Dusseldorf, a side trip to Wuppertal and the Skulpturenpark Waldfrieden is worth your while.

Tony Cragg stone sculpture located at the entrance of the winding driveway into the park.

Bronze Cragg sculpture foreground and the building entrance to the park.

Marvelous heated glass cube gallery for exhibiting sculptures indoors.

Inside the glass cube, Cragg works in foreground and in back. I believe the red one is wood
and stainless in rear.

Additional Cragg works  in the glass gallery. Various materials include bronze, stone, steel,
stainless steel,  and jesmonite seen in this foreground work.

This view gives a good example of the forest in relation to the works.

Some works are installed on concrete pads while others are based in-ground with
gravel and bark for a more integrated system.

Many of Cragg's forms echo similar molten layering but there are strong contrasts in materials
and surfaces. I was told that Cragg has maintenance to clean the sculptures every day which
is evident in this brilliant stainless work.

This is a striking work that shows the integration with nature and the gravel walking paths.

Next post, Jane's exhibit Wachsspuren opens at Galerie KUNSTKOMPLEX.

Tuesday, March 13, 2012

Guten Tag! Spring has Sprung in South Carolina!!

Salutations from sunny South Carolina! Yes, sunny and 70 degrees no less. I spent last week wrapped in down coats and wool socks for the 40 degree weather in Wuppertal, Germany where I was visiting to attend my solo exhibition "Wachsspuren" at Galerie KUNSTKOMPLEX.  Located near Dusseldorf, Wuppertal has a population of around 300,000, a river that runs through the city center, a suspended rail train, and strong cultural ties to the Kunstakademie Düsseldorf where artist Tony Cragg serves as Director. 

Wuppertal Schwebebahn or Floating Tram

I received the invitation to exhibit in 2011 after artist Bodo Berheide visited my studio when he was in Spartanburg giving a presentation at USC Upstate on his sculpture project, Figura Magica, a six-ton cast-iron oversized horseshoe magnet that traveled to ten different countries before being permanently installed in the city of Wuppertal. Bodo originally studied with Joseph Beuys in Dusseldorf, and much of his work is associated with the philosophies of Beuys and the ideas of social sculpture. He asked about my work and became intrigued when I explained I was using beeswax and the encaustic process of heating and applying the medium to panels and paper. Bodo and I share friends Dirk and Catherine Schlingmann who live in Spartanburg, so I invited them to visit my studio and see the process I'm using. 

Artist Bodo Berheide next to the famous image of
Joseph Beuys at the Von Der Heydt Museum.

Tony Cragg installation in the stairway at the Museum.

One thing led to another, and soon after Bodo returned to Germany, I was contacted by Nicole Bardohl owner of Galerie Kunstkomplex in Wuppertal. Nicole had reviewed my work on the web at Bodo's suggestion and was very interested to bring an exhibit of my encaustic work to Wuppertal where it is a relatively unknown process. In the past I have shown in Switzerland and Italy but those were group exhibits, so an invitation for a solo show was most exciting, and to make it better we decided I would visit for a week so I could attend the vernissage and present a talk on the encaustic process.

Galerie KUNSTKOMPLEX, Hofaue 54, Wuppertal

So, on March 3rd I flew out of GSP and arrived in Dusseldorf early the next morning. Bodo met me at the airport and we proceeded to Wuppertal getting a brief tour of the area before arriving at my hotel. The region reminded me of the Asheville, Hendersonville area of North Carolina that is near to where I live and is filled with lush forests and rolling hills that allow for beautiful vistas of the landscape. I was pleased to have a chance to visit Bodo's studio, located on the top floor of his flat and overlooking the city of Wuppertal.

Bodo Berheide in his studio and view from the studio windows.

Monday we went to the Galerie KUNSTKOMPLEX so I could see the space and arrange the paintings for installation. Nicole and I had spoken on the phone and emailed, but it was a pleasure to finally meet her in person and see the Galerie. She had sent press releases in February so when I arrived I was pleased to see two of my works were published with details of the exhibit in their culture magazine. The vernissage was scheduled for Thursday, and I was to give a talk on the wax process on Friday, so this gave time for touring the city, food and beer!! Good German beer!!

Galerie KUNSTKOMPLEX prior to the installation.

......and of course, German Beer !!

Coming soon, a visit to the Tony Cragg Sculpture Park, my exhibit "Wachsspuren" opens, views of the city, and a visit to Stephan Werbeck's print studio, Syngraph Atelier Freie Graphik.