Thursday, May 17, 2012

What's it all aboutAlfie ?

Summer mini-exhibit 1

I love to hear Dionne Warwick sing the song from Alfie, the film about the quirky character played by Michael Caine who occasionally breaks from role to address to the screen audience. In this post I'm beginning my summer mini-exhibits, and I've selected three works I made in the late nineties that often draw the same question from the viewing audience; What's it all about? 

perforation, transfer print & graphite on prepared paper © 1999, size: 37 X 41"

perforation, detail

obsession, transfer print, acrylic & graphite on prepared paper
© 1997, size: 30 X 21"

distressed image II, transfer print, oil & graphite on prepared paper on panel
© 1997, size: 62 X 44"

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